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Contains certified organic and non-GMO Lentils, Alfalfa, Radish and Clover

The lentils are filled with protein and are mild tasting.

Mixed with the greens of the alfalfa, radish and clover, This is a very popular mix for us.

 Lots of flavor and nutrition

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Tasty Lentil Mix Certified Organic Non-GMO Alfalfa, Lentil, Clover, Radish Organic Sprouting Seeds

Charles Allen on Jul 30th 2020

I absolutely love this mix. It's a real powerhouse! I'm over sixty and exercise with weights about five days per week. It gives me the protein, vitamins and minerals I need to stay energized and well-toned. I enjoy the spicy taste as much as I like what it does for my body, inside and out.