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High in chlorophyll
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Mix these two sprouting grains together and come up with a delicious green drink.
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The most common question I receive when it comes to growing wheat grass for wheat grass juice at home is how to handle mold. Yes, it is true, at some point when you grow wheat grass for wheat grass juice you will encounter mold. Although I am not a commercial sprouter nor am I a commercial wheat grass grower, I have a very close client/friend who grows wheat grass commercially on a small scale and he has given me a few pointers that have worked to combat mold while growing wheat grass for wheat grass juice. These pointers have helped people all over the world from my clients in hot, humid NY to clients in even more humid Singapore. We are now all growing wheat grass for wheat grass juice without also growing mold.

The Problem of Mold and Wheat Grass for Wheat Grass Juice

Very simply, mold is a product of temperature and moisture. Control these two elements and you have beaten mold. While growing wheat grass generates a metabolic heat, just like you and I have a metabolic temperature of around 98.6 degrees farenheit, wheat grass has a metabolic heat while growing. Combine that heat with the moisture from the soil or the root mat or the growing medium and you get a perfect scenario for growing mold.

The Solution for Not Growing Mold While Growing Wheat Grass for Wheat Grass Juice

So how do you change the scenario? Lower the temperature of the growing grass. Commercial sprouters have these huge wall sized fans that they use to lower the temperature once the seeds have germinated. After germination takes place, the fans go on, the room temperature is lowered and the wheat grass grows without any mold.

To get the same result at home, you can point a fan directly onto the trays of wheat grass. You can also put the trays of wheat grass inside the refrigerator for a few hours each day or overnight. This will lower the temperature of the growing wheat grass.

Another helpful hint is to lessen the amount of seed you use per tray. The less seed, the less growing wheat grass and the more room for air circulation. The air circulation around the growing grass helps to keep the temperature down.

Sometimes soil is the problem. Soil brings with it mold issues. So use a good soil and be prepared to get rid of it when it creates its own mold.

Another benefit of reducing the temperature of the growing wheat grass is that these methods will also eliminate or lessen the fruit flies. Fruit flies are attracted to the growing wheat grass because of the warmth and the moisture. Reduce the temperature and fruit flies go away.


There will be lots more on growing wheat grass for wheat grass juice in future posts so come back.

I hope this helps for any mold issues while growing your own wheat grass.





Contains Hard Wheat and Kamut Wheat Makes a great green juice drink High in chlorophyll
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