Vinegar Veggies Instead of Salad Dressing: Dressing is great for a big sprout salad, but not that practical for a sprout side dish. Try refrigerated vinegar veggies in a clean, up cycled pickle or sauce jar. Marinate hard veggies like I suggest below for 2-3 days in at least 70% vinegar, water, healthy salt, pepper, and a splash of oil. Add to a side dish of sprouts instead of dressing and get some extra raw vegetables on the plate with great variation possibilities. Works on any sprout combination.


Glass food safe jar. 

Fresh chopped veggies: try onions, carrots, radishes, sweet or hot peppers, peeled garlic (for flavor and for marinated garlic in other dishes), raw potato, mushroom caps. No squash, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, or green onions. 

Vinegar: balsamic works great, but fruit vinegars like raspberry and champagne vinegar are lovely variations. (At least 70% of all liquid added.) 

Oil: olive oil helps to seal the veggies in the vinegar, but it does not require much. Sesame or avocado oil is also a great addition.  

Salt: add a little extra to help preserve the fresh veggies. 

Pepper and spices: fresh or dried herbs like basil, dill, cilantro, or thyme imparts even more flavor options. 


Add a pile of sprouts to the plate and a few vinegar veggies on top.  

Keep refrigerated. 

Note: hot peppers lose much of their heat in fruit vinegar, but the flavor remains excellent. Veggies in vinegar also make prepping other dishes easier because some of the veggies are ready to chop and add, like peeled garlic. Add more veggies to the vinegar for up to 4 months for a continuous supply, especially veggies that might go bad before use. The vinegar will keep them good for weeks.


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