Why Do My Sprouts Sprouted Seeds Have Black Spots?

               The cause of black spots on sprouts is usually a type of fungus. The fungus can be on the seed itself or in the sprouting container (jar or tray) which may be left over from a previous batch. It is important to use fresh seed from good sources. Equally important is using food safety techniques like thoroughly washing hands with warm soapy water and rinsing with hot water before touching the seeds. This holds true for cleaning of the sprouting container. Be careful of cross contamination on your counter and keep other vegetables away from the sprouting seeds as fungus easily spreads.

               Fungus is a type of plant without roots or leaves. It is a parasitic plant that feeds on other plants and enjoys dead organic matter. When you are growing your sprouts, you may also be growing a crop of fungus. It’s not your fault; it happens. Use a strong stream of fresh water to rid the growing sprouts or fungus. Since fungus does not have roots, it is difficult to cling onto the wet seeds or growing sprouts when you rinse with a strong water pressure. Using a trickle of water allows the fungus to stay and when it stays, it grows.





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