You are purchasing a sample size of 2 ounces. Delicious yellow mustard seeds for sprouting. ADD these to any of your favorite sprouts to give them a kick Add to soups and salads.
Certified Organic Mustad is slightly gelatinous, not as much as flax, chia, arugula or cress, but it is still gelatinous. Gelatinous seeds form a gel-like sac around the seed in the presence of water. They get gooey, hard to manage and will not sprout using conventional methods such as a jar sprouter or a tray sprouter. What to do? There are three ways to sprout gelatinous seeds. You can sprout them in soil, you can sprout them using a terra cotta tray sprouter or you can sprout them in a plastic tray sprouter using one of our sure to grow mats. The soil absorbs the gooey stuff and you can sprout as usual making certain the soil is damp and moist but not pooled with water. The terra cotta tray sprouter is similar to sprouting in soil as the clay is absorbant as well. Our sure to grow mats will also absorb the gooey stuff so that you can sprout as usual. Gelatinous seeds do not do well in jar sprouters.

Adds hot flavor to everything. Great for juicing.

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